Lesson Prices

30 Minute Guitar Lesson -  £18.00

30 minute guitar lessons can be useful for beginners that are often also younger students. The half hour lesson provide opportunity for finding out how a pupil might cope with guitar lessons whilst still allowing time to learn basic techniques such as single note melodies, riffs, scales, simple chords and focused parts of the students favourite songs that they want to learn on the guitar. If a pupil decides after a few half hour lessons that they want to go up to a 60 minute lesson then this is supported and can be arranged. Payment is made lesson by lesson in cash or through BACS.  

60 Minute Guitar Lesson - £28.00

Guitar Lessons that are 60 minutes are the popular choice for students of all ages. No lesson is the same for two students as Aaron tailors his guitar lessons to the individual needs of the learner in the room working with their unique interests, skills and goals. Lessons focus on the musical interests of the pupil and students are encouraged to choose the music that they themselves want to learn in their guitar lessons. Sometimes pupils wish to take Grades and Aaron fully encourages and supports students through this process from learning the performance pieces across to the technical exercises and theory required by the exam boards. Weekly lessons are recommended for maximum progression. Payment is made lesson by lesson in cash or through BACS.

60 Minute Duo Guitar Lesson - £36.00

For two guitar pupils sharing the same one hour lesson. Learning guitar with a close friend or family member is a popular option for pupils that wish to share the fun and enjoyment of learning the guitar with another. With two students and one teacher Aaron differentiates the lesson to the abilities of each student so that both students achieve their own individual goals. In addition to both learning guitar some duos decide for one to learn guitar and the other learn bass. Others decide one learns rhythm and the other learns lead guitar.  Group lessons allow everyone involved to experience and gain skills playing music and collaborating with others. Payment is made lesson by lesson in cash or through BACS.